Start and Manage your Permaweb Community

CommunityXYZ is a dashboard and governance platform for all of the Profit Sharing Communities that are built on the permaweb.
Here, you are able to get an overview of each community as well as start your own!

Build Communities on the New and Improved Web — The Permaweb

Instead of web services being controlled by centralized power structures like Amazon or Google, the permaweb is built on a new type of decentralized storage, the Arweave. Think of it as the Airbnb of data storage, those with disk space to spare are connected with others who need it. Financial incentives are given to participants in the network in the form of AR tokens, and the best part is that all of the information is permanent and immutable.

A web of the people, for the people, by the people!

Profit Sharing Communities to Replace the Traditional Start-up Model

A Profit Sharing Community is like a start-up company, except unlike a traditional start-up, it is decentralized, open-sourced, and built on the permaweb. In a traditional start-up model, founders spend most of their time fundraising and contributors often have little to no governance.

Profit Sharing Communities address this by allowing founders to focus on the product, while allowing contributors to contribute to any project they want, whenever they want, however they want! They will then be compensated with Profit Sharing Tokens, these can be used in voting that influences the direction of the company or can be traded in an active token market.

SmartWeave Contract

SmartWeave moves the computational burden of smart-contract execution from the nodes in the network, to the users of the smart contract. Your Community can run fully decentralized using a Smartweave contract. This ensures that data is stored forever on the permaweb and that applications evolve as governed through token holder voting.

Interact from anywhere

CommunityJS is a JavaScript library that can interact directly with the SmartWeave contract. Giving you access to every Profit Sharing Community function, such as voting or minting new tokens. We designed this for decentralized permaweb applications, however centralized servers can also interact with CommunityJS.

Intuitive dashboard

Get a snapshot of your Community activity from a simple, intuitive dashboard. Access info such as: Number of community members, members with voting power, amount of outstanding tokens and total supply. You can also check out the available opportunities within each community and the proposed compensation!

Review ownership data

Get to know the token holders in your Community. Think of it like a transparent cap-table! Review token ownership breakdown, profit distribution, and what is held in wallets versus vaults.

Voting and Governance

Everyone has a say! Setup voting polls for proposals, minting new tokens, and burning tokens. Voting power is a function of how many tokens are held, as well as how long you are willing to stake them for. You can also specify requirements on how votes pass or fail.

Vault System

To be able to vote in your community, token holders need to lock their balance in a vault. The greater the amount of tokens and the longer the lockup period, the more weight they have while voting. This way, innovators who have a long term interest in the success of the community, will have the most influence.

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